The Sonosopher DVD

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ʻThe Sonosopherʼ is an experiential voyage into the peculiar life and art of Alex Caldiero. Tracing his birth and childhood in rural Sicily as well as his coming of age as a poet in New York City, Caldiero is found living in conservative Utah years after his conversion and separation from Mormonism. The film explores Caldieroʼs lifelong artistic investigation into ʻSonosophy,ʼ a unique hybrid of sound, poetry, and philosophy. Borrowing techniques from such diverse genres as avant-garde film and cinéma vérité, ʻThe Sonosopherʼ portrays Caldieroʼs life and work at its most traditional and most bizarre. Utilizing these diverse methods, the filmmakers artfully blend current performance and interview footage, 8MM family videos, and archival material to tell the intimate story of this largely unknown artist.

Dreamgarden Press and Oho Media

2010 - 61 minutes + 30 minutes of deleted scenes. In English, Italian, and Sicilian (English subtitles)